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DIrect: 206-669-1921


Jane M. Savard

Ms. Jane Savard is a highly accomplished attorney, specializing in complex litigation, particularly in the areas of asbestos, toxic tort, construction, and environmental claims. With extensive experience working with insurance companies, self-insureds, and reinsurers, Ms. Savard possesses a wealth of knowledge in conducting comprehensive case assessments, developing effective litigation strategies, and providing exceptional legal support in insurance defense matters. Her meticulous attention to detail, exceptional research abilities, and analytical mindset have consistently propelled her to excel in this demanding field.

Furthermore, Ms. Savard's proficiency in legal research, persuasive motion drafting, and compelling trial brief preparation have garnered exceptional results for her clients. Her strong negotiation and communication skills have facilitated numerous successful settlements while mitigating risk effectively. She is known for her unwavering dedication and collaboration with clients, to achieve shared objectives. 

In 2020, the Seattle City Council honored Ms. Savard as a "rare leader who fosters community spirit with acceptance, openness, adaptability, tenacity, friendship, and joyful engagement." Her invaluable contributions to the community extend beyond her legal career, as she has served as a founder, board member, treasurer, chairperson, and volunteer for various neighborhood organizations, including the Belltown Community Council, Belltown Business Association Metropolitan Improvement District, Friends of Bell Street Park, Project Belltown, Belltown 2020, and Belltown United. Recognizing her voluntary efforts in Seattle, March 27th was proclaimed as Jane Savard Day by the City of Seattle, further emphasizing her remarkable commitment to the community.


NAMWOLF (National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms)


State of Washington

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